NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal Now Boasts World’s Largest LED Media Facade

by , 07/15/11
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The PABT is the largest bus station in the US and also the busiest with more than 200,000 people passing through the terminal daily. At five stories tall, the terminal not only moves 7,200 buses in and out daily, but is also home to retail space, restaurants and a bowling alley. After earning the designation as one of the Top 10 Ugliest Buildings according to, something had to be done. What was needed was a dynamic and exciting facelift, which came in the way of a 6,000 sq. ft. LED media facade that wraps around the corner of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue.

With 16 panels and 1.325 million LEDs, the media facade allows the Port Authority to display a wide variety of media in an energy efficient way using both sides simultaneously or showing different messages to each street. The 265,000 pixels are arranged approximately 2 inches apart vertically and 1.5 inches horizontally, which is suitable for large format displays, but also allows air and light to pass through. That way, the interior is partially shaded but can still breath through the LED mesh display. And hopefully, this new addition to the terminal building will remove it from the Top 10 list.

“When you’re working in a space as dynamic and high-traffic as Manhattan, you have to put a lot of effort into determining not only how the product will be used, but also how it will be installed,” said Mike Leonard, Technical Director, Mediamesh Systems for GKD-USA. “Because the building was in use during construction, we engineered a way to carry out the installation from the roof, day and night, so as not to disturb the traffic below and to ensure the building could stay fully functional.”

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