Gallery: NYC Puts New Food Laws In Place to Help Promote Local, Urban A...

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a constant advocate for the green world in so many ways. His latest feat came yesterday when he signed into law a series of laws that will promote locally grown food in New York City. The new laws will help the city buy more food that is grown and processed in New York State, they’ll help keep track of how food is delivered and sold in the city, and perhaps most exciting, will help promote rooftop farming and urban agriculture. Previously there have been several laws standing in the way of the local food movement in New York, but hopefully this new legislation will help open the city’s doors to the widespread adoption of fresh, local, nutritious food.

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  1. Margarida Correia August 18, 2011 at 6:16 pm
    This is great news! I wanted to point out that as a result of the legislation rooftop growers also benefit from a Green Roof Tax Abatement of up to $100,000. I write about it in New York Bounty, a blog about food and farming in New York City. The post is dated Aug. 10.