Gallery: NYC Solar Map: Two-Thirds of City Rooftops are Suitable for So...

Screenshot of the map. By clicking on an icon, you can see all of the detailed information about the solar panel installation.

Gotham City? How about Solar City? Thanks to a brand new, highly detailed scientific map, New York City could see a massive increase in rooftop solar panels. In fact, NYC could more than double the entire nation’s solar capacity if all suitable rooftop space was used for solar power. Over the last year, the City University of New York worked with the city and the federal Department of Energy to collect detailed information about every single rooftop (literally – that’s not an exaggeration!) to create the NYC Solar Map in order to help advance New York’s solar energy. The research shows that two-thirds of rooftops are suitable for solar installations, which could generate enough power to meet half of the entire city’s energy needs at peak times!

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  1. venturehomesolar July 29, 2016 at 11:52 am
    I think it is wonderful that solar energy is going to play a big part in energy savings in NYC. NY has always been a progressive think -tank for great ideas that serve the citizens and save money to boot. I applaud the efforts and wish the very best for the success of this venture.