Gallery: NYC Swapping Wooden Boardwalks with Concrete Version That Coul...

When Hurricane Sandy hit the New York region last month, some of the most heart-wrenching images to surface were those of the mangled boardwalks that had characterized beautiful beachfront communities like Coney Island for the past century. Discussions about rebuilding these waterfront pathways in the New York and New Jersey area are picking up, and, as predicted, the big questions are all about new materials. After the storm passed and sanitation workers began to clear wood-strewn streets, it became clear that polymer-based and concrete sections of the boardwalks had held up better to the elements than their wooden counterparts. Now, in light of that observation, Mayor Bloomberg has decided that going forward, New York will rebuild with these new plastic and concrete boardwalk materials. It seems that the days of the wooden boardwalk are over in NYC.

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  1. Stephen Beach January 4, 2013 at 10:42 am
    Thank you for the article, you bring up a lot of good points about sustainability and environmental impacts with different boardwalk materials. I am a Project Consultant for PermaTrak, a precast concrete boardwalk system that offers a sustainable, durable alternate to traditional boardwalk materials. If you're interested, we have an article on our website about the differences between timber boardwalk designs and concrete boardwalk designs. It can be found here: . Thanks again for your insight, I'll continue to follow this topic on Inhabitat.