Old Gucci Store to Be Revamped into a Synagogue for Hipsters in SoHo

by , 04/18/11

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Stylish SoHo-ites will soon have a cool new destination to head to on Saturdays, but it isn’t a hot club or an exclusive restaurant. Located at the site of a former Gucci store, the SoHo Synagogue is expected to open on June 17th and will feature such hipster touches like a bookshelf/bar that “revolves like the top of a parmesan cheese can to always reveal either prayer books or wine glasses, depending on the occasion” and old-fashioned Edison light bulbs (lit with LEDs, of course) hanging from the ceiling. The religious space is the brainchild of rabbi Dovi Scheiner and his wife Esty and is being designed by architect Dror Benshetrit, whom you might know from his work on the QuaDror architectural building block. Once complete, the chic synagogue will host events like “Torah cocktail parties” so stay tuned.

Via Gothamist

Photo credit: @10