onefinestay Offers New York Tourists Luxurious Penthouse Homestays

by , 06/22/12

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How would you like to stay at a multi-million dollar penthouse apartment next time you visit NYC? London-based onefinestay is making that dream a reality for many New York tourists by expanding its unique “unhotel” travel experience to The Big Apple. Instead of shacking up at whatever generic hotel room you can find on Expedia, the innovative hospitality brand is offering up the high-end homes of real New Yorkers as accommodations. For those of us that love but are sometimes turned off by the dodgy digs that sure looked nice in those pictures, onefinestay promises a homestay and collaborative consumption experience that goes above and beyond crashing in someone’s back room.

onefinestay, airbnb, homestay, upper east side, soho, brooklyn heights, collaborative consumption, travel, hotels, unhotel

onefinestay accommodations are now available in neighborhoods including the Upper East Side, Soho and Brooklyn Heights. The services go beyond AirBnB by providing the creature comforts of a hotel with the local knowledge that a hotel concierge just cannot provide visitors. Guests have access to high-thread count linens and toiletries along with an iPhone that offers tips and restaurant recommendations from the homes’ owners. While guests enjoy the privacy and anonymity of staying in a residential neighborhood, homeowners score income instead of having their properties stay vacant.

The company has grown exponentially since its launch two years ago. Starting with six homes in 2010, onefinestay now has over 500 homes listed in London and is rapidly adding more properties in New York. Homeowners benefit from a complete service that includes marketing, photography and insurance in addition to the delivery and cleaning of linens. For travelers looking for a more unique and genuine experience, onefinestay opens doors to New York’s eclectic neighborhoods and architecture.

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  1. travellondon October 17, 2012 at 6:00 am
    These guys at onefinestay really are playing with fire. It is amazing that these ‘investors’ have not ‘investigated’ the legalities or better illegal basis of this business. Most in the know are well aware that these lets / rentals are classified as Illegal. In both London and New York – onefinestay’s chosen destinations – private rentals from 1 night to 90 nights are 100% unquestionably purely illegal; without a special Certificate of Use and without a Hotel Licence, as required by Law – onefinestay are not only listing these unlicensed apartments but are also adding on their own ‘services’ which multiplies the illegality of the entire enterprise. Hotels of all kinds in London and New York must pay very substantial fees and taxes in order to provide accommodation and accommodation services and they have to have specified certificates in place to meet various fire, health and safety and consumer regulations. There are fully licenced and regulated Apart-Hotels in both London and New York. Perhaps onefinestay should take these phenomenal funds being publicized about and purchase licensed hotels and offer a legal enterprise instead… As soon as onefinestay’s claims become a reality (if it actually does) the hoteliers and legal and licenced apart-hotel operators will start complaining vigorously and companies such as onefinestay will literally cease to exist. Onefinestay is presently and temporarily ‘fortunate’ as the councils and state departments in London and New York do not presently have the funds available to conduct major crackdowns on illegal rentals, but when they do (as anticipated) billions will be at stake and that will most certainly be something to write about.