Gallery: Own a Piece of NYC’s Amazing Floating + Pool on the East River...

How exhilarating would it be to take a dip in the East River without having to worry that you'll come out looking like this? That's the idea behind + Pool, a floating, water-filtering public pool that's already in the works. The team behind + Pool, Dong-Ping Wong of F A M I L Y and Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin of PlayLab, Inc, already has the backing and interest of many New Yorkers and city agencies, but they need an extra financial boost to get the project to the next level. They've launched a "Tile by Tile" Kickstarter campaign to raise more funds, and they're offering some pretty sweet perks for those who donate - including a personalized tile with your name on it to be placed on the wall of the pool when it's complete, and the chance to be one of the first people in NYC to swim in it.

+ Pool is no ordinary pool. It’s more like a giant +-shaped water filter plopped down in the middle of the East River. The idea is that rather than just being a concrete structure filled with chlorinated water, the pool walls would suck in river water through a layered filtration system that incrementally removes bacteria and contaminants. The design team says that the pool would be able to clean up to half a million gallons of river water every single day, and their current Kickstarter campaign is specifically aimed towards raising $250,000 to build an actual floating mock up of the + Pool in the East River this summer to test its filtration system.

“The fact we’re even able to launch a campaign like this is a testament to the amount of people that have gotten excited about bringing such a wild idea like this to life,” Archie Lee Coates IV told Inhabitat. “The second someone’s able to swim in clean river water, their entire perspective of it will change, and it all starts with this campaign. The Float Lab filtration test is the biggest next step for the project, and three years ago, I don’t know if we could even fathom what it’d be like to be at this point. If we reach our Kickstarter goal on July 12, it’ll be a monumental day not just for + POOL, but for the river and everybody that’ll get to swim in it.”

The deadline to reserve your + Pool tile and other perks like First Dips passes is Friday, July 12th, 2013 so if you want to be a part of something monumental in NYC, donate today.

+ Pool Kickstarter Campaign

+ Pool


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