Pensa’s Solar-Powered Tower Optical Digital Viewer Lets You Travel Through DUMBO’s Past

by , 08/16/13

Tower Optical Viewer from PENSA! on Vimeo.

The Tower Optical Digital Viewer is Pensa’s latest storytelling effort put together in a partnership with Tower Optical as well as the DUMBO BID. A team of Pensa engineers modified the internals of the classic Tower Optical viewer to display digital media. The viewer is made to show you all sorts of things like videos, slideshows, and even augmented reality overlays to give you more information about a particular sight to see.

Tower Optical Viewer from PENSA! on Vimeo.

Pensa says all you have to do is stroll over to Old Fulton Street and Water Street, where the  Tower Viewer will be located until October. You don’t even need to pop in a quarter, just pull the original coin lever and you’ll see a video created by DUMBO Bid that contrasts the area’s past with its present. It’s an interactive experience that really just comes naturally with the binocular viewer because it will pan the video as you move. And just like Pensa’s last big project, the Street Charge, this one is also powered by the sun.

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