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Recycled materials are used wherever possible and include 800 cubic yards of structural concrete contains 24% fly ash, rebar (all 135 tons of it) of 98% recycled content, countertops fabricated using recycled glass, and the zinc facade requires very little energy to produce, is recyclable, and has an extremely long life span. Energy efficient appliance and fixtures are also installed to reduce energy and water usage. The building is LEED Gold rated.

The building at 253 Pacific reclaims a narrow space of 25 feet wide by 100 feet long (the building is 65 ft deep) that was once occupied by a one-story car garage. Though the site seems quite compact, the units’ interiors feel spacious and airy given the high ceilings and incredible abundance of natural light.

Inside, floor to ceiling windows and a smart allocation of space allow light to pour through the building, even into the deepest corners. James Cleary Architecture wanted to be sure that no artificial lighting would be needed during the day. Once the sun goes down, most of the lighting is either LED or CFL. Small details such as the cutout between the kitchen and the stairs better enable communication between spaces and those individuals inhabiting them, providing an opportunity for unexpected experiences and conversations.

Each of the three units boasts its own private outdoor space — something rarely afforded to those who opt to live in NYC. The lucky penthouse owner gets a green roof planted with flowers and other flora that are local and drought resistant. So even if the occupant of this space ends up being black thumb, he or she can rest easy knowing that it’s foolproof and will flourish.


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