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If you're wondering what that crazy-looking van wrapped in yarn at the corner of N. 6th and Kent in Williamsburg is, it's none other than the work of crochet maven Olek herself. Instead of sticking to bikes or sleds, Olek went extra big this time and covered an entire vehicle with the brightly-colored woven art she's famous for. The yarn-bombed auto popped up today as part of Absolut Vodka's Open Canvas event, which transformed the Brooklyn block into an interactive outdoor art exhibition.

Absolut tapped Olek to be one of the 20 artists who have taken over a block in Williamsburg and turned it into their own personal canvas (hence the name of the event). When Inhabitat stopped by on Saturday afternoon, most of the installations were still in progress, but the street was still open to the public meaning passersby had the chance to observe some of the artists at work. Most people had no idea what was going on, which was really refreshing compared to the sterile, super-controlled feeling of visiting an art gallery and seeing only the finished works.

The other artists being featured are: Craig Damrauer, Asger Carlsen, Aurora Halal, Mark Nystrom, Andrew Kuo, Dev Harlan, Tony Cox, Ara Dymond, Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe, Rostarr, Joseph Montgomery, Valerie Hegarty, Katsu and Ryan McNamara. If you want to check out this free street art exhibit for yourself, the Absolut Open Canvas transformation will be up all week until June 30th.

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