HOW TO: Make a Teeny Tiny Edible High Line Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

by , 11/26/14

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– 5 plastic sushi takeout containers
– 12 pairs of wooden chopsticks
– black paint
– black paper
– a fork
– foil
– glue
– a knife
– A spatula or spoon
– FOOD! You can get pretty creative here and substitute whatever you like but here is what we used:

– mashed potatoes
– chinese chives
– yams or carrots
– stuffing
– cranberry paste or quince paste
– baby corn
– purple corn or whatever corn you have at your local greenmarket
– pickled red peppers
– soymeat (in an effort to make this recipe vegetarian)
– broccoli
– dried rosemary
– agar agar + blue food coloring (for the water feature)
– mexican corncakes or cornbread
– enoki mushrooms (for the “people”)
– wasabi flavored sesame seeds
– black sesame seeds


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  1. Jill Fehrenbacher November 22, 2011 at 9:30 pm
    Yuka, this is amazing! You are incredible!