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Cornucopias are cool, but if you really want to blow your Thanksgiving guests away this year, let them feast their eyes on an incredible edible High Line park-themed centerpiece. If you love the High Line (and what New Yorker doesn't?), you can craft your very own miniature version of the celebrated elevated park using recycled sushi boxes, chopsticks and some of your favorite T-day foods like stuffing and mashed potatoes. Hit the jump to check out our DIY tutorial and more pics of this awesome example of foodscape architecture!


- 5 plastic sushi takeout containers - 12 pairs of wooden chopsticks - black paint - black paper - a fork - foil - glue - a knife - A spatula or spoon - FOOD! You can get pretty creative here and substitute whatever you like but here is what we used:

- mashed potatoes - chinese chives - yams or carrots - stuffing - cranberry paste or quince paste - baby corn - purple corn or whatever corn you have at your local greenmarket - pickled red peppers - soymeat (in an effort to make this recipe vegetarian) - broccoli - dried rosemary - agar agar + blue food coloring (for the water feature) - mexican corncakes or cornbread - enoki mushrooms (for the “people”) - wasabi flavored sesame seeds - black sesame seeds


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  1. Jill Fehrenbacher November 22, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Yuka, this is amazing! You are incredible!