PHOTOS: Olek’s Crazy Crocheted “Room” at the Festival of Ideas Even Features Crocheted Humans

by , 05/08/11
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Many of the pieces on display at the festival were transplanted right from Olek’s exhibit at the Christopher Henry Street Gallery in Nolita, which features an entire crocheted apartment. Aside from being an example of good old fashioned handicraft, Olek’s art is inspiration for anyone looking to breathe new life into the objects they already own and truly personalize them instead of opting to buy new, mass-made pieces. While we admit that a crocheted paint-roller may not be the most practical item to own, it did get everyone checking out the show buzzing, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it got the younger fair-goers, who couldn’t get enough of the room, interested in making their own woven crafts.

And did we mention that everyone who caught a glimpse of Olek‘s yarnified art had a smile on their face? Pedestrians approaching the festival from the south got a sneak peek of the exhibit via the lone crocheted bicycle (see pic above) that sat parked on Delancey. And if you poke around the neighborhood enough (hint: near Elizabeth and Broome), we’re sure you’ll find even more little sprinklings of the artist’s crocheted creations.

This installation was just one of the cool projects we checked out as part of the Bushwick Art Park initiative at the Festival, and we’ll be showcasing more very soon – so keep it tuned here to Inhabitat NYC.

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Photographs by Yuka Yoneda for Inhabitat NYC