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Lionshead couldn't make it to Maker Faire. A cardboard cutout took his place.

Reinish and Chambers built their tiny Whittled-Down covered wagon home for just $1,500 so that they could live in it while they made a cross-country pilgrimage from Santa Fe, NM to Massachusetts two years ago. The final result may look like a pioneer wagon of old but actually has many more amenities, from a solar powered shower to a couch that doubles as a laundry bag (the more dirty clothes you collect, the more comfy the couch becomes). Libby and Tristan estimate that least 50% of the cabin is made of salvaged materials.

“We built the wagon on a 4 x 8′ utility trailer and towed it with Libby’s 4 cyl. sedan,” write Libby and Tristan on their blog, “The construction was wood with a canvas top. Our goals were to build a portable living structure that was light and cheap.” The wagon home is powered by a 50-watt, roof-mounted solar panel purchased at a flea market.

To be fair, there is one thing still missing from the caravan – a toilet – but Reinish and Chambers are planning to build a portable composting toilet soon.

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