Gallery: PHOTOS: Tomas Saraceno’s Geodesic ‘Cloud City’ Floats Above th...

Yesterday's gray sky and drizzle couldn't keep anxious press away from the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where Argentine artist and architect Tomas Saraceno was officially debuting his new project "Cloud City". A sculptural constellation of 16 geodesic pods, Cloud City "floats" above the museum's roof anchored by steel cables that keep the structure from flying off into orbit. The futuristic construction features over 100 planes, either shiny, mirrored, transparent, or open to the air. Navigating the structure is disorienting to say the least (think mirrored fun house), but thrilling, unexpected vantage points turn the spinning and sensation of weightlessness into a worthwhile journey. Beyond its incredible form, Cloud City beautifully reflects surrounding Manhattan, highlighting everything from the lush greenery of Central Park to the entire skyline of New York in one mirrored object. Cloud City opens to the public today, but get your first look through us here!

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