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SNEAK PEEK: See Inside the Delta, NYC’s Very First Self-Powered Building

Posted By Yuka Yoneda On July 22, 2012 @ 8:58 pm In Architecture,Brooklyn,Gallery,Interiors | 1 Comment

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“If we can develop a building that powers itself, on an unusual trianglular lot in one of the most code-heavy cities in the world, our hope is to serve as a model, and inspire other developers around the world to do the same,” Voltaic Solaire CFO Ron Faia told Inhabitat NYC. “This is a matter of energy independence, of environmental responsibility, and frankly of national security. In the event of a terrorist attack, catastrophic weather or blackouts, a system of decentralized power is the best way to all of these concerns.”

Equipped with a solar roof, a solar skin [5] and a solar awning which yield a combined capacity of 10.3 KW, the Delta is able to generate a large portion of its occupants’ electricity needs. In addition to solar power, the Delta also harnesses the power of the wind with a compact vertical axis wind turbine [6] that generates 600W of power almost soundlessly. Combined, the two technologies are able to make enough energy for the building and even have some left over to send back to the grid.

On our tour yesterday, we also noticed how these functional elements were integrated into the Delta in a way that adds to its aesthetic appeal. The solar panels [7] on the roof double as a shade for residents enjoying the roof deck and the panels that line the sides form a futuristic, glassy facade. We were also captivated by the Delta’s use of transparent [8] vertical building-integrated PV panels [9], which Faia explained to us is the first ever application of this kind on a residential property.

Voltaic Solaire, Park Slope, Solar powered home, off the grid home NYC, Maybor Bloomberg, PlayNYC, Empowerment Zone, vertical wind turbine, first self-powered building in nyc, self-powered building,The third floor of the triplex is very unusual – it’s a combined bathroom/bedroom.

Inside, the Delta is actually set up as two separate homes. A 345 sq. ft. studio apartment [10] with a combined kitchen, sleeping area and dining area occupies the second floor and the third, fourth and fifth floors comprise a triplex residence. For more photos and details of the interiors, which have been hooked up with transforming furniture [11], recycled materials, IKEA [12] furniture, Samsung [13] electronics, Sharp [14] appliances, and lots built-in storage, click through our photo gallery.

If you’re interested in seeing what its like to live in NYC’s first self-powered home, you’ll have the opportunity to do so starting next month, when it will be opened as a bed and breakfast to showcase Voltaic Solaire’s ethos of philanthropy and sustainability. “The units will be available late-August for daily rental, at the rate of $150-200 for the studio and $275-350 for the triplex,” Mark Robinson, COO of Voltaic Solaire [2], told us.

For more photos of the Delta’s interior finishes, power-generating tech and views of downtown Manhattan, don’t forget to click through our photo gallery.

+ Voltaic Solaire [2]

Photos © Yuka Yoneda [4]

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