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A family heirloom item that evidences the Pickett's woodworking history.

Coming from a family of woodworkers, it is no wonder that founder, Jeremy Pickett, launched his furniture company in 2009. After several years of apprenticing under other influential woodworkers in the city, Pickett found he was truly driven by a passion for working with his hands and he now operates from the 12,000-square-foot Pickett Studios at Pier 41 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The line has grown immensely over the years and includes items such as skateboards, bamboo bike frames, pillows, lighting and furniture.

Pickett does his best to source his materials locally when possible, with most of the wood originating from a family-run mill on the Delaware-Pennsylvania border. Pickett sends his designs to the mill ahead of time and the wood is then custom picked to best suit each project. The line also includes several reclaimed and salvaged woods that come from deconstruction projects in the city or fallen trees in Westchester County and Staten Island.

The adorable Bataljon Robots are a new introduction straight off the CNC assembly line. It’s the first time the company has tested out using CNC mass production on a product, but so far, the robots’ six-piece rotatable, removable magnetic parts seem to be working well. The robots are available in red, purple, silver, blue, and green and all are colored using organic inks and Waterborne Urethane Clear Lacquer, making them child-safe and environmentally-friendly.

Another eye-catching design, the Brann Tripod Lamp, was inspired by Pickett’s Stengel Bamboo Bicycle Frame. It is made from bamboo poles sourced from Maryland and a hemp fiber “lug” that keeps it in one piece. For those who love a custom electronic vibe, the Morkt Samfunn Console is a throwback to the 1940s and 50s and offers the best in high efficiency, vacuum tube amplification and speaker design.

Not only well-designed, Pickett furniture is also constructed to last and withstand unexpected conditions. The team uses hand cut Japanese-style joinery that removes the need for metal fasteners. The Ond Bench features this age-old technique to achieve a visually simple design made from solid, durable Cherry wood that is sure to become an heirloom piece that will be handed down for generations.

Decorating the sturdy bench, a collection of colorful vintage and antique textiles converted into pillows and cushions add a plush layer and colorful pop to the furniture. Pickett collected the fabrics during his travels to places such as Uzbekistan, Finland, and Japan. If you’re wondering when this busy designer had time to collect such treasures, you may be surprised to know that Pickett took a year-long adventure around the world with his family before fully endeavoring into his own business. During his travels, he was greatly inspired by the craftsmanship he saw in the ancient temples in Japan and the Viking ship museums in Norway, by the prevalent use of bamboo in Asia and the vintage textiles of Mongolia, Russia, and Scandinavia. See if you can identify some of these international influences as you ponder the designs in his signature line!

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