‘Plastic Planet’ Documentary Opens in NYC on Jan. 14

by , 01/10/11
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In his call-to-action documentary ‘Plastic Planet,’ Austrian filmmaker Werner Boote highlights the serious risks posed by plastic and why we can’t seem to change our consumer habits. In 2009, the film opened to much acclaim during the Middle East International Film Festival, and it is set to hit theaters in New York City on Friday, January 14, 2011.

Plastic has been the enemy of environmentalists around the world for decades. The inexpensive, ubiquitous material stays in the ground and water systems for 500 years, it pollutes every beach, and it leaks harmful chemicals that contribute to serious health problems. Boote’s introduction to the substance came from his grandfather, who manufactured the material and praised the super substance for its cheapness and wide range of uses. But Boote quickly learned that plastic was far from perfect.

In ‘Plastic Planet,’ Boote takes us with him as he searches for answers to the questions that concern us all: Why don’t we change our behavior? Who is being held accountable? Why is the industry not reacting to the dangers? We travel across Europe, the United States, China, and India as Boote interviews manufacturers, government officials and the world’s top experts in biology, pharmacology, and genetics to highlight the perils of plastic.

Check your local theater for showtimes or purchase them ahead of time on Fandango. The film opens Friday, January 14, 2011.

Images via Plastic Planet’s Flickr Photostream