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Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means only one thing, the annual holiday green-off is about to occur — the questions abound, from is tofurkey better than a locally grown grass-fed real bird, to what’s the greenest way to wrap my unnecessarily large gifts? The mother of all of the green holiday questions is highlighted by the arrival of the annual holiday tree to Rockefeller Center. This year, the famous tree is a 75-foot tall, 75 year-old Norway Spruce from Mifflinville, Pennsylvania. We’ve been discussing whether or not the real tree is the greenest option and would like to put it to you, dear readers, as a vote. Do you think it would be better for Rockefeller Center to use a plastic-derived-from-oil fake tree that probably contains PVC and was manufactured in a fume-spewing factory or a naturally beautiful real-forest pine violently cut down with a chain saw and dragged by a semi-truck hundreds of miles to New York City? Or perhaps no tree at all. Cast your vote below and then read on for more stats on holiday trees.

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  1. meejahn November 19, 2011 at 10:25 am
    I think a contest to design a sustainable and comparable replacement to the tradition real tree is in order! Does anyone know what NYC does with the tree after the holiday season?
  2. Bridgette Meinhold November 11, 2011 at 5:09 pm
    Although I'm definitely not in favor a petroleum based fake tree, maybe there are other material options to create a reusable tree? Maybe a wood and metal based modular tree system that can pack down easily for storage 10 months of the year? Parts that get worn out could easily be recycled and replaced? The tree is so iconic though that it would be sad to have nothing at all.