Gallery: Pratt Students Bring Farms to NYC Rooftops in Exciting Summer ...

©Renée Crowley, Tara Lambeth and Jina Porter via The Pratt Institute
The benefits of green roofs are widely known, and their popularity continues to increase in dense cities like New York. Thanks to great drainage and insulation benefits, urban gardens in the sky have sprouted at multiple projects around the city. Urban agriculture, however, has lagged behind, in part because of a lack of understanding -- the exact benefits of rooftop farms are just now being studied. But architecture schools are beginning to incorporate urban rooftop farms into their curriculum. Under the direction of Elliott Maltby and Gita Nandan of Thread Collective and recent graduate Tyler Caruso, students at Pratt's Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development are undertaking a summer Design-Build Studio in Rooftop Agriculture. Inhabitat was on the scene for their midterm design review, and we bring you more details after the break!

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  1. JC July 7, 2011 at 3:53 pm
    Can't wait for this. Also, how do you become one of those models in the pictures?