Gallery: Prechteck’s NYBILLBOARD is a City in the Sky Above Manhattan

Austrian architect Chris Precht of Prechteck has proposed a radical revision of New York’s skyline that takes the form of a city in the sky above Manhattan’s southern skyscrapers. Dubbed NYBILLBOARD, the structure would add a new horizontal layer that links existing and proposed towers above the hustle and bustle of downtown. Precht’s design addresses the issue of the world’s growing population by offering a new way to provide vertical density without isolating city dwellers. The mixed use structure offers more than just offices and apartments – it is an elevated oasis filled with activity, including extensive pedestrian walkways, large elevated gardens and even bike lanes!

NYBILLBOARD literally looks like a billboard showcasing the lives of New Yorkers. The unique shape and design of the building gives residents the privacy that city dwellers crave, while its amenities – including the gardens – would also be open to the public, giving people back the green space that is lost when large structures are built.

The variety of activities that Precht has proposed (including a gondola connecting the towers) would make life in the city feel a bit more like the future seen in the Jetsons and less like a chaotic urban center. And with the vast majority of the structure’s main functions located above many of the surrounding buildings, the views of northern Manhattan and the other boroughs would be truly breath-taking, giving people the opportunity to experience and appreciate the city on a whole new level.

While Precht has yet to mention how NYBILLBOARD will be energized, he does note that the building will feature an integrated Car sharing system with cars that would be able charged with energy produced by the building itself. Although highly conceptual, Precht’s design is a visionary plan for utilizing architecture to help cities become better places for millions of people to live.

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  1. ajdorsey May 30, 2011 at 11:16 am

    This is just plain Awesome! Too bad it will never get built, it took 12 years to get the twin towers built, what makes you think the environmental lobby would ever let this get built? It would cast shadows all over the place, or disturb air movement.