Gallery: Lowline Underground Park May Raise LES Property Values But Als...

Some hypothesize that the Lowline will have the same effect on the colorful Lower East Side, driving up land value, pushing out boutiques and mom and pop shops, and drawing a touristy crowd that will demand big box retailers and chain restaurants (a fear of the eventual SPURA redevelopment).

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  1. rpvitiello December 29, 2012 at 4:20 pm
    The big issue I have with this is it seems like a solution looking for a problem, that neighborhood has massive surface parking lots that would make a great park in and of themselves, why put this underground when you could put in an above ground park. Use this underground space for vehicle parking and get rid of all street level parking in that neighborhood to open up the streets. If there is still more space, put in underground retail with that lighting tech.