Proposed Solar 2 Eco-Complex on the East River Receives $1.25M from City Council

by , 08/16/11

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Solar One provides New York with public energy efficiency programs. The new space, Solar 2, will be ten times the size of the current building, enabling ample space for environmental exhibitions, community areas, and classroom space for their K-12 environmental education. Aside from traditional space, Solar 2 will included a reconstructed native wetland exhibit, which will be in Stuyvesant Cove Park.

The incredible LEED platinum seeking, energy positive complex will actually give back to the power grid. Their laundry list of green features is impressive and inspiring. A green roof reduces heating and cooling, absorbs excess rainwater, and acts as a natural CO2 filter. The 90Kw non-integrated PV roof will provide a whopping 100 percent of power needed and will be an example for other buildings to follow suit. Natural daylighting, ventilation, geothermic heating, and low flush toilets cut consumption. Solar 2 will use recycled and renewable materials, living walls, and feature a solar powered stage and an eco-café.

The eco-dream complex is estimated to serve over 100,000 visitors a year, educating, invigorating, and inspiring each one to discover how easy green living can be.

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