Raw Sewage is Flowing into the Hudson River Due to a Fire at the North River Wastewater Plant

by , 07/22/11
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North RIver Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hudson river, water pollution, raw sewage

As the city reaches unbelievably uncomfortable highs (100 degrees, anyone?), don’t look to our city’s waterways to cool yourself down. Wednesday’s fire at the North River wastewater treatment plant has caused raw sewage to spew directly into the Hudson River! Since the plant was shutdown on Wednesday, a whopping 120 million gallons of poop have flowed right into our water.

The four alarm blaze ripped through the plant, causing such incredible damage that Department of Environmental Protection officials aren’t sure when it will be up and running again. This means the sewage will keep on flowing, so officials warn against “contact recreation” until at least Sunday. Accidental contact with the water, say from boating, can cause the opposite of summer fun: vomiting, fever, and, ironically, diarrhea.

The Department of Environmental Protection claims there is no effect on public beaches, but the city has issued advisories on Midland, Cedar Grove, Seagate and South Beach today. Harlem’s Riverbank State Park, located on top of the plant, was shut down until further notice.

Water, water everywhere — but stay away from it. Better stick to the public pool today.

Via Gothamist