Gallery: RECIPE: How To Make the “Best Kale Salad” with Chef Joya Carlt...

The Butcher’s Daughter is the newest addition to Heather Tierney’s group of trendy downtown spots, which includes the trendy cocktail bar Apotheke and Pulqueria.

To make “The Best Kale Salad” you will need:

One Bowl of Baby Kale One-half Avocado One-half Green Apple Sunflower Seeds Tahini Brown Sugar to Taste

Note: The baby kale should be raw and freshly rinsed

Step 1: Cut the avocado into cubes and sprinkle on top of the bed of kale.

Step 2: Cut the green apple into cubes and add to the bowl.

Step 3: Spoon dollops of a pureed mix of sunflower seeds and tahini (to experience Joya’s exact recipe you’ll have to go in and try it!)

Step 4: Add additional sunflower seeds for texture.

Step 5: Sprinkle on brown sugar for taste.

Step 6: Enjoy!


+ The Butcher’s Daughter

Images: Ayasha Guerin


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