Gallery: Riverpark Farm Takes Root on a Stalled Manhattan Construction ...

New York City is dotted with stalled construction sites (much like the rest of the country) and empty lots, but there's been a bit of a renaissance lately focused on turning these unused plots into vibrant green spaces. While some are making them into gimicky rent-by-the-hour grassy backyards, others are taking a more sustainable and beneficial route by transforming the barren sites into food producing farms. One such plot is located in the middle of the in-progress Alexandria Center for Life Science, just east of the FDR Drive on 29th Street. The first tower was supposed to be complete by 2010, but then the project stalled. Instead of letting the site sit empty, the developer decided to make the best of the situation, and used the open space to start growing vegetables for Riverpark, the Tom Colicchio restaurant on site.

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