Saipua: A Quaint Red Hook Shop Made From Reclaimed Barn Wood by Tacklebox

by , 07/19/11

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Tacklebox first wanted to help their friends create a comfortable space in which they could both produce and sell their olive oil soaps, but they also wanted to make an environment that would enhance the small company’s identity. Instead of a storefront, the new site had a warehouse feel, so Tacklebox made the space more intimate by building a “box within a box.” Using reclaimed wood from a disassembled barn, the shop portion of the new headquarters is a large scale wooden box, with the workshop behind.

The shop carries not only their signature hand-wrapped hand-made soaps, but also charming vintage trinkets and country style bouquets (think peonies matched with cat tails). With the aesthetic of the wares in mind, Tacklebox played further on the box theme, carving out even more built in boxes within the interior. The weathered wood reveals deep-set shelving of all sizes throughout the walls. The custom compartments become curated tableaus, each holding its own still life comprised of soaps, vintage clocks, canisters, jars and flowers.

The shop’s front faces the street like a stage, slightly elevated with a proscenium framing the interior. The Tacklebox-designed shop is the perfect backdrop for Saipua’s headquarters, echoing their love for organic and reclaimed materials.

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