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If you take a wooden water tank from any NYC rooftop, lay it on its side, slice it open and unfurl it, you get this amazing rooftop deck in Greenwich Village. Designed by GRAFTWORKS, the 1,100 sq. ft. wooden rooftop deck gives you stellar views of the Manhattan skyline including the Empire State Building, gorgeously framed in the deck's indoor patio door. Undulating ribbons of deck provide built-in lounge chairs and the ends curl up to reveal planters that also double as safety barriers to keep you away from the edge. We wish we were outside and lounging here right now!

Inspiration for the deck came from wooden water towers that dot most of the rooftops around the city. The deck is as if the tower was split open and rolled out onto the roof with six undulating ribbons to form furniture and discreet programmatic zones. On the south side, the ribbons curl up to form planting “furrows” that also double as a safety barrier. The middle section waves to form three chaise lounges of different heights. Finally the north section is formed by the ribbons rolling up and over the facade to create a canopy for an outdoor show neatly framing in the Empire State Building. A hidden hatch provides access to the roof.

GRAFTWORKS secret rooftop deck project included providing space for seating, planting boxes, a canopy, and an outdoor shower along with the need to replace the roof, parapets, and the renovation of the existing stair bulkhead. The structure for the deck was created from off-the-shelf parts as well as on-site fabricated pressure treated glu-lam beams mounted to the building’s party walls. The wood deck was made with knotty cedar, painted marine plywood sides, fiber cement plank clapboards and recycled rubber roof pavers.


Via Architizer

Images ©David Joseph/GRAFTWORKS


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    Hi, I’m a young architect planning a visit to NYC and wanted to know if this amazing place is available for a visit

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