See How This Tiny West Village Apartment Uses Double Duty Furniture to Maximize Its Small Space

by , 09/05/14

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James’ home may be the size of a shoebox, but she made it look spacious and homey by painting the main living area in a bold plum color. The color not only brings out James’ personal aesthetic and tastes, but also makes the apartment’s historic decorative molding pop along with the gorgeous fireplace mantle. Inspired by a beach scene painting, James translated the color palette into decorative aspects of the apartment. She even has a jar of sand and small indoor garden on the window sill to capture the breezy outdoor feeling.

Many pieces in her home have double uses that maximize her space. The couch converts to a queen size bed for guests, while a blue wall hanging becomes a dining table in minutes. Vintage chairs were reupholstered in a bright striped fabric, and double as dining chairs, or as James’ desk chair.

Even though the apartment is described as a full one bedroom, James’ room is actually just the size of a full-size bed. In order to create storage since an armoire would be impossible to fit, she had a custom-made storage bed installed with drawers and shoe organization.

The cozy West Village space captures James’ personality, and creates a welcoming home filled with a rich color.

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  1. davieboyplays December 7, 2012 at 4:29 pm
    although the dramatically sudden and most surely sudden embracement of the micro-apartment ... the truth is that the working class and poor have subsided for many generation with woefully little free floor space. it's not what you have - it's what you do with what you have. merry xmasses, david.
  2. Jeremy December 7, 2012 at 10:01 am
    Love this kind of thing. There was a programme on British TV recently called George Clarke's Amazing Spaces that profiled some ingenious double-use furniture. The most remarkable example was an apartment in Barcelona which had one room that could convert into a kitchen, then a bathroom, then a bedroom. There's a Youtube video about it: