Shigeru Ban’s Metal Shutter Houses Now Complete!

by , 07/24/11
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The minimalist geometric façade of the Shigeru Ban Metal Shutter Houses changes as its residents adjust their shutters to deal with sunlight to meet their thermal comfort levels. Residents can create more outdoor space in their homes at the touch of a button, and each perforated metal shutter is activated by remote control. The moveable shutters create endless patterns on the front of the building, changing’s its look from day to day.

To add to the private home feeling, each condo has its own elevator that leads directly to the lobby. Each unit is also bi-level, extending the length of each floor, so all windows flood each condo with light. For the front windows of the building, Ban designed custom bi-folding doors that can be folded away to extend the inside living area to the outdoor terrace.

The interiors were also designed by Ban. Continuing with the idea of open flow, walls are replaced with sliding glass doors, allowing residents to change the feel- and design- of the space. The eight units vary in size, but each is fluid and customizable by with Ban’s interior sliding glass, front living space bi-folding doors, and perforated shutters. Fitting for its location in the hot Chelsea art district, the ground floor of Metal Shutter Houses will be home to a commercial gallery space.

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