SHOPBOX Turns a Shipping Container Into a Giant Vending Machine for Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market

by , 09/01/11

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Made from a repurposed bright green shipping container, SHOPBOX puts the fun into shopping. After browsing the other local shipping container shops, visitors can browse items from the giant automat’s plate glass window. Shoppers can relive the childhood excitement of arcade grab machines or getting those fake gold watches or super balls at supermarket vending machines.

But rather than junk, SHOPBOX sells quality American-made products, like sustainable company Topo’s backpacks and bags from $98. Shoppers can also score the multi-purpose Mopha tool for $44 or the techy MakerBot 3-D printer for $1,299. The adult vending machine comes with adult prices — not exactly quarters from your mom’s purse!

3rd Ward has been active at the Dekalb Market, also doing on-site farming, accompanied by free workshops. Their mission to promote local activities, do-it-yourself projects, and to foster and inspire creativity. Ingenuity reaches new levels with the futuristic SHOPBOX, which is an extraordinary example of technology (they also brought us the dumpster pool venue, The Palms).  Run by an experiential design software, SHOPBOX is a retail space of the future.

Dekalb Market unites local entrepreneurs, for a unique shopping experience, but also engages the Brooklyn community by highlighting local economy and culture by featuring classes, workshops and events.

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