Gallery: Sprawling “Made in NY” campus coming to Brooklyn’s Sunset Park

Even as skyrocketing rents and labor costs, coupled with aging machinery and brisk overseas competition, have caused entire blocks of Manhattan’s once-fabled Garment District to shutter, New York City officials remain hopeful that a new manufacturing paradigm could still rise from the ashes. At his State of the City address on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio described a plan to transform Bush Terminal in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park into a sprawling $136 million “Made in New York” hub for the apparel, film, and TV industries. The the “best-in-class” facilities, which will include renovations of two existing warehouses to create 200,000 square feet of garment-manufacturing space, will support 1,500 permanent jobs and create more than 800 construction jobs, de Blasio said.

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