SPURSE & the BMW Guggenheim Lab Explore NY’s Most Astonishing Post-Natural Landscape

by , 09/09/11
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SPURSE was also pleased with their afternoon of research. Iain Kerr of SPURSE explained, “Even this story of “human” shaping misses the complex co-shaping/co-evolving of this landscape — now, for example, the biggest “land developers” in the Meadowlands are the marsh grasses – negotiating with tides, muskrats, earthworks and ecologists…”

SPURSE later explained to Inhabitat that it is this complex system that inspired them to bring their research out of the Lab and into the field. It is their intention to pose complex questions such as, “How are we of the world, as opposed to in the world?”

“We have stunted our abilities to think beyond our current ideas about nature, and yet it’s the very challenge we need to put back on the table,” says Petia Morozov also from SPURSE.

Based on the tone that carried through the afternoon, we have come to understand that the team isn’t focused on solving problems, but rather, figuring out what the most pertinent questions are. More specifically, “What does ecology mean today, and what it will mean as we co-evolve with environments like the Meadowlands?”

Inhabitat’s experience at the Meadowlands was more then just covering another event. We did the usual – took pictures, scribbled and notes – but we also had the opportunity to engage in a conversation about problems in our own city, through a platform that went beyond the computer screen. If you’re in the NY Metro area we encourage you to make a trip to the LAB. The lab will reamin in New York until October 16, and from there it will move on to Berlin and then Mumbai. You can also see all of their upcoming events on their calendar.

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  1. Gil Lopez September 10, 2011 at 2:52 pm
    Very insightful analysis and coverage of the experimental Rebecca and great photographs Amanda! I was apparently in the same boat with you two (judging by the pictures). The spurse Live Feeds have become my favorite part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Check out my take on the same outing. http://gillopez.posterous.com/spursefw5 You two are probably in some of my images along with Petia Morozov (from spurse) and Olatunbosun Obayomi (last weeks BMW Guggenheim Lab guest curator).