Gallery: SPURSE & the BMW Guggenheim Lab Explore NY’s Most Astonishing ...

Photos © Amanda Coen for Inhabitat
But their work is far from over, "The biggest fear I have about the future is that someday people will not understand why places like the marshes of the Meadowlands were protected,” said Carola. “Despite all the work of activists and attorneys over the years to protect land and wildlife, unless people are educated as to the why – and why it should matter to them – then very little we do today will matter in the long run as our air and water get filthier, the last scraps of habitat are paved over and only rats, and cockroaches remain as humanity’s fellow travelers.”

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  1. Gil Lopez September 10, 2011 at 2:52 pm
    Very insightful analysis and coverage of the experimental Rebecca and great photographs Amanda! I was apparently in the same boat with you two (judging by the pictures). The spurse Live Feeds have become my favorite part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Check out my take on the same outing. You two are probably in some of my images along with Petia Morozov (from spurse) and Olatunbosun Obayomi (last weeks BMW Guggenheim Lab guest curator).