Gallery: SPURSE & the BMW Guggenheim Lab Explore NY’s Most Astonishing ...

Photos © Amanda Coen for Inhabitat
Starting in the 1600s when European settlers first gave the river a name - followed by logging, then ditching, diking and draining - the Meadowlands that once stretched over 32 square miles encompassing nearly 25,000 acres of wetlands and waterways, was reduced to only a third of its former size.

By the late 19th century the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and factories from Hackensack to Newark bay were spewing untold gallons of untreated waste into the river, while raw sewage and refuse of all kinds were being dumped in and around the waterways.

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  1. Gil Lopez September 10, 2011 at 2:52 pm
    Very insightful analysis and coverage of the experimental Rebecca and great photographs Amanda! I was apparently in the same boat with you two (judging by the pictures). The spurse Live Feeds have become my favorite part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Check out my take on the same outing. You two are probably in some of my images along with Petia Morozov (from spurse) and Olatunbosun Obayomi (last weeks BMW Guggenheim Lab guest curator).