Gallery: Staten Island’s El Poblano Farm Gets Internet Fan Help to Grow...

If such vegetables are available in NY grocery stores, often they are shipped in from thousands of miles away (requiring excess fossil fuel emissions, refrigeration, and frequently, non-organic preservatives). For this reason, we are very excited about the local Farming efforts going on here.

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  1. rrey0456 June 21, 2013 at 3:36 am
    This is a great idea. I'm glad he was able raise the money nessasary to achieve the their goal of incorporating more fresh authentic southwestern Herbs and Veggies. I personally love the Flor de Calabaza(AKA Squash Blossom) which is delicious when added into a quesadilla with some home made roasted Tomatillo salsa. Mmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Aside from the fact that the newly incorperated herbs and veggies are more traditionally grown to cater to a south western diet. It's my belief that we should always be willing to try different herbs an veggies regardless of where they originate. Especially if we have the oppertunity to grow them our selves or their being locally and organically grown. I'm excited to learn about their efforts to avoid the harmful effects of shipping, cooling and preserving. It's also great what one can now accomplish with a little crowd sourced funding. The world continues to change and it seems like this is just a sneak peak into the possibilities that lie ahead. Thanks again inhabitat