Gallery: Students Showcase the Future of Sustainable Design at 2011 Pra...

© Adam Hutchins for Kousako Haruguchi
In some cases, nature is the inspiration for the design. Kousaku Haruguchi's Folibo bowl is inspired by the flexing of leaves to relieve stress as they bloom from inside their bulbs; the triangular wooden pieces, connected by flexible rubber mesh, can be folded down to one simple mass from its open position.

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  1. leia.fahe May 27, 2011 at 7:28 pm
    As a design student, i find it truly instulting that plagiarized designs make it in to a year end showcase. The Magazine stool as well as the invisible shelf are common ideas found DIY websites or are even marketed already. It is deceiving that a school like Pratt would let such things pass. Here are some examples: