Gallery: Super-Interesting! Redesigns a Brooklyn Warehouse Into Communi...

Ecologically aware architecture is a wonderful feat in itself, but when teamed up with those looking to improve communities, it’s exactly the type of collaboration that we can’t get enough of. Last February Super-Interesting!, a sustainable New York architecture firm, paired up with the Red Hook Initiative (RHI) to retrofit a 3,000 square foot Brooklyn warehouse to be the new headquarters of RHI, a local community group that works with kids and young adults.

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  1. Elemental LED staff April 28, 2011 at 7:23 pm
    Wow, do those ceiling lights adjust their color temperature to match the daylight from outside? I looked on the Super-Interesting site, but it doesn't say there. Do you gave any idea of what technology is behind this? What kind of lights are they?