Supertall! Exhibit At the Skyscraper Museum Celebrates the World’s Tallest Buildings

by , 08/24/11

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“SUPERTALL! World towers Above 380 Meters” brings together the most daring, and pricey, centers of the world. Their construction alone requires special measures that other buildings do not. Wind tunnel and seismic testing, sturdier frames, extraordinary safety measures, specialized elevators, air permits — these monsters are in a class of their own. Not to mention the financial undertaking each project requires to get it up and running.

The exhibition includes super skyscrapers that are completed, in the works, or in the planning stage, but slated to be finished by 2016. Although there are dozens of innovative skyscrapers in the planning phase, any that were stalled or had any confidentiality in their plans were not included in the exhibition (maybe next time!). The entrants for the exhibition closed July 1st, so any new skyscraper proposals after that were not considered.

Each of the featured skyscrapers are 100 stories or more, and they feature cutting edge architecture, from design to construction to energy efficiency and sustainability. The final role call includes one tower rising to 828 meters, six at 600 meters and up, six at 500 meters, and 24 at 400 meters.

SUPERTALL! will be on display at the Skyscraper Museum until January 2012.

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