Gallery: SURE WE CAN Offers NYC’s Homeless a Safe, Welcoming Place to R...

Collecting cans and bottles off the streets is an honest, legal and eco-friendly way to make some income, but many still see “canners” as a nuisance and an eyesore. SURE WE CAN is an NYC non-profit that aims to change that negative connotation, or at least make it easier and safer for people, a good number of whom are homeless, to redeem cans and bottles for money. Their Brooklyn site – the city’s only licensed, homeless-friendly can redemption center – offers canners a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of community that is more than just a place to trade in bottles.

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  1. thomas ching March 31, 2015 at 10:01 am
    I oversee the college's building operations including recycling and would like to donate our cans and bottles to your constituents. Please call me when convenient at 212.346.8661.