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The Best Green Designs from the NYU ITP 2011 Spring Student Show

Posted By Jessica Dailey On May 16, 2011 @ 6:05 pm In Energy,News,Product Design | No Comments

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One of the very first things that caught our attention was the Re-cyclelight [7] designed by Becky Kazansky and Alexander Kozovski. The small bike light is powered by kinetic energy recovered from braking the bike — perfect for alerting drivers that you are slowing down. Smart and practical, the light only has a few small pieces so its very non-invasive, and it requires no extra work from the cyclists to activate.

Another incredibly practical design came from Michell J. Cardona and Nelson Ramon [8]. The duo created a low-tech windbelt [8], that harvests wind energy using an electromagnetic system without the need for a wind turbine or other rotating device. They constructed a wood frame, which they then attached strips of Scotch tape to. Small magnets in the center of the strips are located near stators. When the wind blows the strips and causes them to vibrate, the magnets oscillate near the stators and create energy. Ramon told us that they are researching ways that the belts could be applicable for building design. They want to keep the system relatively low-tech to keep costs down, but they foresee the system being integrated in arrays similar to solar panels.

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There were several wearable green designs at the show as well. Our favorite was definitely Eight [5] by Hana Marie Newman [9]. Eight is a plastic dress that glorifies the oxygen tank and personal air purification. Newman created the dress as a satirical response to the “perceived toxic environment” and to highlight what she believes will be the next green trend, air quality. A small oxygen tank is strapped to the wearer’s back, and the clear bulbous dress quarantines the wearer while showing her off at the same time. Newman wants Eight [5] to be a catalyst for conversation about air pollution and how our individual actions influence the way we collectively solve problems. Other wearable designs included a reflective burqa [10] made to be more comfortable and user-friendly, and a line of jewelry embedded with LED lights [11] that obscures the wearer’s face on security cameras.

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For the first time this year, ITP started a wet lab, where students can learn about biology in the same ways they learn about technology. In other words, they are learning to hack bio-systems the same way we can hack computers. Corrie Van Sice [12] worked in the wet lab on her project called Designed Morphologies [13], developing materials based on natural processes so they fit better into the world’s highly evolved system of waste and renewal. She worked with calcium crystals to create material in a way similar to how bones grow, and she used mushroom bits to create natural glue and mycelium foam. By growing materials using naturally occurring methods, you can do away with the waste created in traditional sculpting and design where often you start with a large chunk and whittle it down, throwing away all the excess.

ITP Show Haze States, NYU ITP Student Show, itp 2011, itp 2011 show, green design, nyu itp 2011 spring show, itp spring show

Several of the pieces in the ITP show were more abstract and artistic, aimed at starting conversation rather than creating new products. Felisia Tandiono [14]‘s project, Haze State, consists of a fern-lined globe that you place over your head to experience different scents. Tandiono focused on smells from Bushwick, Brooklyn, since “Bushwick” literally means “little town in the woods.” The mock garden is a way to explore how natural scents surround us.

ITP Show Crude Landscapes, crude landscapes, itp 2011, itp 2011 show, green design, nyu itp 2011 spring show, itp spring show

One of the most aesthetically intriguing pieces was “In the Future, Gardens Will Grow on Motors [15],” an eerie landscape of black rocks and light bulbs filled with ferrofluid [16], a dark magnetic liquid. The system used solar power to charge batteries, which created electromagnetic pulses that made the ferrofluid [16] take on different shapes. Created by Genevieve Hoffman [17] and Gabrielle Levine [18], the piece is the first in the series Crude Landscapes [15], which deals with translating naturally occurring energy — sunlight, in this case — into lifelike properties with an “inorganic built system.”

+ New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program [19]

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