Gallery: Voltaic Solaire Delta: NYC’s First Self-Powered Building Will ...

A solar skin, solar awning, and panels combined yield a capacity of 10.3 KW. Additionally, the Delta’s solar thermal system creates 140,000 BTU’s. To harness wind power, the roof is outfitted with a vertical axis wind turbine that generates 600W of power almost soundlessly. Each of these components work together and send power back to the grid, making enough energy to power itself and then some. The Delta is also constructed from green and recycled materials, including recycled aggregate cement and bricks.

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  1. faraz_j2003 April 13, 2012 at 12:01 am
    if it is a Residential building then there is a minimum of 10KW of HVAC power requirement per unit, the roof plan only shows one wind turbine hmmm… One turbine is not enough to power the whole residential building at night. I hope they have some backup power to from the power company as NY in not Chicago (windy city).