The R-House is an Affordable and Super Efficient Home Encased in a Silvery Facade

by , 03/28/11
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To understand why the home received recognition from the AIA, you simply need to add: style + affordability + performance = winning. The 1,100 square foot house came in at below $150,000 which is a pretty good value, but that’s just the beginning of its economy. Using the aggressive Passive House standard for a super efficient shell, the home needs no dedicated heating system. Most of the time the occupants and appliances will be enough to maintain temperature. The southern windows allow for solar heating and abundant light and a finished concrete floor maintains that heat for a New York winter day.


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  1. karenwil March 28, 2011 at 2:32 pm
    I like the angle of the roof pitch. Each home that is built can be more efficient than the previous. Energy efficiency and technology make it easy to have a affordable and green home. Capelli Stool is simply beautiful and made with green materials.