Gallery: The Seven National 9/11 Memorial Designs That Will Never Be

While the winning design has two sunken reflecting pools, "Suspending Memory" creates almost this exact opposite, with two floating memorial gardens rising from where the Twin Towers stood. Designed by Joseph Karadin with Hsin-Yi Wu, "Suspending Memory" gives each victim's family the chance to tell their loved one's story. "Each victim is manifested as a symbol of strength, a single column helping support one of two island gardens," write the designers. "As the columns extend through the garden surface at varied heights they transform from concrete into glass. Each unique glass column is a timeline of a victim's defining moments." The whole of Ground Zero is covered by a "Pool of Tears," forever memorializing the site's hallowed ground.

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  1. Zeppflyer September 9, 2011 at 11:14 am
    Blame Giuliani for this one. Nothing would have been a better tribute than a small memorial overshadowed by the grand, new buildings rising from the sites, full of life and commerce and everything that was evil to the monsters who knocked down the towers. Instead, we have two black pits left in the ground, carrying water down into nothingness.