Gallery: The Top 8 Eco Products from the First Ever NYC Green Festival

From creatively-flavored kale chips to organic and recycled fashions, the first ever New York City Green Festival featured some of the best trends in eco living this weekend. Inhabitat talked with tons of eco-conscious vendors, listened to amazing speakers, and tasted many delicious green treats. In case you missed it, here are some of the best eco-finds from the festival, fit for everyone from the indoor gardener to your four-legged friends.

For the Clean Water Seeker: Kishu

Clean water made simple with charcoal. It sounds kinda crazy, but according to Kishu makers, it’s a Japanese tradition. You simply put one hunk of this charcoal into a glass or pitcher and it will purify the water from lead, mercury, chlorine, cadmium, and copper. The company sustainably harvests the charcoal from holm oak trees and fires it in a kiln oven. A single piece lasts up to six months and can be composted when you are done with it.

For the Snactivist: SnackTAXI and Earth Swag

Two companies featured alternatives to plastic bags and they both had bright colors and help reduce waste. These products are especially handy for anyone who packs lunch on a daily basis. Erin Kelly-Dill started snackTAXI in 2003, when her 3 kids started school and she was packing more than 500 lunches a year. Dr. Sara O’Connor started Earth Swag out of a desire to keep plastic away from her family’s food.

For Vertical Home Gardeners: The Phytopod

Grow more food with less space. The Phytopod is made with earth-friendly, recycled, or re-used materials and allows you to grow tons of your favorite veggies, fruits, herbs or flowers in a small space. Originally from Oakland, Calif. the company is now based in the Bronx. They work with individuals and schools to help increase access to homegrown food.

For Recycled Fashionistas: Payback Clothing

Recycled plastic bottles, textile scraps and even discarded x-ray slides are creating the latest trends in t-shirt fashion right here in NYC. Playback Founder Adam Siskind was inspired to create this eco-apparel line after watching An Inconvenient Truth. Not only do are the clothes made from recycled materials, but the colors come from the original product—so a bright green t-shirt comes from a Mountain Dew bottle, not a chemical dye.


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