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Sam Davol does it all. He was an attorney for New York’s Legal Aid Society, he plays cello for the epic band Magnetic Fields, and now he and his wife Leslie will be driving an open air book mobile from Boston to New York City. The Uni Portable Reading Room can be set up in a variety of designs, bringing a comfortable reading area to any of New York’s boroughs at will. Designed by Höweler + Yoon, the mobile book bus is made from a series of cubes that unfold into benches and sitting areas.

The Uni is made of 144 wooden cubes that can be reconfigured, or fit together into an eight foot cube. The cubes fit around 15 books each, and feature a cover that can fit together to make modular furniture. Each piece can be made into a bench, table, podium or display surface. This versatility also complements the possibilities of the Uni itself — a venue for lectures, workshops, classes, film screenings and the like.

The idea behind Uni is to promote books, learning and literacy, and engage neighborhoods in an innovative way. Uni’s design alone sets it apart. Straying from the traditional mobile “book bus” model, the modular and moveable structure helps pique the interest of the community. It also, unlike a book bus, provides a comfortable sitting area and place to relax and enjoy a book, creating an environment of learning inspiration.

The lightweight and scalable design also fits perfectly in an urban space, like here in New York. The Uni Project plans to launch this fall, barring that they raise enough funds on their Kickstarter campaign.

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