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The United States Postal Service has shown its dedication to green practices by planting its second green roof! The Onondaga County branch plans to install an enormous 11,300 square foot green roof on its Colvin-Elmwood post office building. The green roof will help conserve energy and water, and hopefully inspire citizens living in the Syracuse area to do the same.

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The USPS is partnering with local water conservationists Save the Rain Initiative to bring this sustainable project to life. The green roof, which will be made up of drainage layers, indigenous vegetation, and a wind blanket, will help the post office below conserve energy and keep the interior cool by blocking solar gain.

The roof’s lush plants will safeguard Syracuse’s water system by filtering contaminants and toxins from rainwater before it runs into the sewer system, while the entire system will double the roof’s usability to 50 years. The Colvin-Elmwood green roof is part of the USPS’s environmental stewardship plan, which advocates 30 percent energy reductions by 2015 and 20 percent greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

It will be one of the greenest roofs in New York, and bolsters the county’s overall sustainability program that includes recycling and water conservation initiatives, energy efficient lighting and using both renewable materials and solar photovoltaic systems.

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