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Third Fallen Horse in 6 Weeks Raises Animal Cruelty Issues for Central Park Carriage Rides

Posted By Lori Zimmer On December 8, 2011 @ 5:00 pm In Manhattan,News | 1 Comment

Animal Rights, Central Park, Horse drawn Carriages, fallen Horse, PETA, ASPCA, CEntral Park South, Dr. Pamela Coreyphoto © Henrique Vicente

To many New Yorkers, the horse drawn carriages of Central Park [1] are the quintessential tourist trap. But what they also represent is simple animal cruelty. Over the last six weeks, three exhausted carriage horses [2] have collapsed in front of the very tourists that drive the industry.

Animal Rights, Central Park, Horse drawn Carriages, fallen Horse, PETA, ASPCA, CEntral Park South, Dr. Pamela Coreyphoto © Hey!Tiffany

Overworked and exhausted, the third horse tumbled in the intersection of 59th Street and Central Park South [3] this past Sunday. The horse was then apparently taken back to its stable to be looked at by a veterinarian. Last Friday, another horse got his leg entangled in the carriage he was pulling, resulting in a fall and injury. The fallen horse [4] previous to these two was not as lucky.

On October 23rd, a Central Park horse, named Charlie, fell and died en route to the park [5]. An autopsy paid for by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [6] revealed that the horse had a stomach ulcer and a fractured tooth, both a constant cause of pain. The examining doctor, Pamela Corey, first made a statement through the ASPCA [6], claiming that Charlie may have been abused, only to later retract the statement. She was later fired for the misinformation.

The recent fallen horses have enraged animal rights activists [7], who have been calling the tradition of the Central Park horse drawn carriages to be archaic for years. A city bill suggesting replacing the horses with vintage replica electric cars [2] has been suggested, with the novelty paralleling carriages, and therefore maintaining the tourist demand.

Via Daily Mail [8]

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