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Element celebrated the new partnership with Holton by hosting a tasting event for guests to try the farm's offerings.

Element celebrated the new partnership with Holton by hosting a tasting event for guests to try the farm’s offerings. Not only does Holton grow more than 100 different types of organic vegetables and fruits, but they also make their own maple syrup and partner with other local farms to offer organic meats, cheeses, dairy, eggs, bread, grains, and coffee. Holton’s traveling chef whipped up (in their truck!) an amazing array of dishes, including a delicious fiddlehead salad, pea shoot crostinis, beet and goat cheese crostinis, maple glazed ribs and more.

Holton Farms is located in Westminster, Vermont, and it owned by cousins Seth Holton and Jurrien Swarts, along with family friend George Hornig. The Holton family has owned 250-acre farm for more than 200 years. They have 1100 members in their CSA, which they just began three years ago. It’s grown so quickly thanks to Holton’s unique business model.

With most CSAs, members pay a lump some of a couple hundred dollars at beginning of the season and then every week, they get a box of produce. The variety depends on the harvest that week, and usually members can’t pick and choose. Holton operates differently. Members still pay at the beginning of the season ($250, $500, or $1000), but then each week, they place an order for exactly what items they want to receive. A payment is then deducted from their original deposit.

This system works perfectly for Element. The hotel purchased the largest plan, and guests can opt in each week, ordering what they choose. Every room in Element is equipped with a full kitchen, so guests have everything they need to make home cooked meals and properly store their CSA goods. Local residents can use Element has their pick-up location, one of Holton’s 60 drop off spots in New York City.

Speaking from experience, CSAs are a wonderful way to try new foods and incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Sign up with Holton Farms or check our directory for a comprehensive list of CSAs in the city to find one in your neighborhood!

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