Gallery: Today is the Last Day to Submit to the Greener, Greater Buildi...

Today is the deadline for 16,000 building owners — which represent about 1/2 of all of the city’s interior space — in New York City to hand in data on their building’s energy and water use as a part of Local Law 84, NYC’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP). The Greener, Greater Buildings Plan was spearheaded by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and aims to reduce carbon emissions and energy use from the city’s greatest polluter — its structures. As a part of GGBP owners of large buildings are required to submit information on their building’s energy and water use so that it can be posted on a new informative website for tenants next year. Residents of New York will be able to check out the difference in energy bills at certain buildings and even see if those new LEED certified structures live up to their claims.

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